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Slippery Dick (aka Dick L. Reynolds) age 77 died on June 2, 2011 at the SW Medical Center in Liberal, KS.  He had open heart surgery to replace the main aortic valve and two bypasses on the left coronary arteries.

The surgery was highly successul and the heart was in perfect rhythm and oxygen levels raised to nearly 100%.  He was ready to go through a week of rehabilitation to get his legs to hold him up to walk.

Cactus Starr (aka Doralia, his wife) met him as he came into the hospital and walked with him down the hall visiting about their anniversary day which was June 2.  He told the EMTs that he had to go to the bathroom and they got him up to do his business.  He finished turned and took one step and that was when he went to "cowboy heaven."  He had a blood clot that didn't dissolve and went to his lungs.

Memorial Services:  A memorial service will be held on Sunday, June 12, at 3 p.m. at the Miller Mortuary in Liberal, KS.

Directions:  If you have GPS the mortuary address is 908 N. Lincoln or use the directions as follows:  Highway 83 has a bypass so just stay on the HY83 bypass traveling north.  You will go over an overpass and then shortly you'll see some baseball diamonds on the left and a packing plant on the right..  Turn left on 15th Street and go to the traffic light.  Turn back south (to your left) until you get to 9th Street and then turn right for one block and you are there.